Our Fleet


AllRentSardinia offers a wide variety of boats suitable for every type of marine adventure. Our fleet consists of high-end vehicles, selected to ensure unmatched performance, comfort, and safety. Here’s a taste of the types of boats available for rental:


No boat license

Discover our 6-meter rib, perfect for those seeking space and comfort. Featuring the largest sunbathing area in its category, a sunshade for moments of shade, freshwater shower, Bluetooth stereo for your music, and a convenient igloo for refreshments. The best part? No boating license required to drive it. Ideal for a relaxing and carefree sea experience.


boat license required

Navigate in comfort with our 8-meter rib, equipped with every comfort for an unforgettable marine experience. In addition to offering a large sunbathing area for maximum relaxation, an easy-to-open sunshade, a table for your sea aperitifs, stereo for atmosphere, shower for refreshing, fridge for always cool drinks, and comfortable spaces for supreme comfort, this rib also comes with GPS instrumentation to ensure precise and worry-free navigation. Stable and powerful with a 300 horsepower engine, it requires a boating license or you can opt for a relaxing experience with our experienced skipper. Perfect for those seeking luxury and adventure at sea.


boat license required

Discover our stylish 8-meter rib, a blend of design and performance. Equipped with a T-top for shade during navigation, sunshade, table, stereo, shower, fridge, and advanced GPS instrumentation, it combines functionality and style. Its captivating lines and colors make it a distinctive option for sea lovers. With a 300 horsepower engine, it is available for those with a boating license or with the skipper option, guaranteeing an unparalleled navigation experience in terms of comfort and elegance.


boat license required

Immerse yourself in the ultimate sea experience with our 10-meter rib, powered by two 300 horsepower engines each, ensuring speed and exceptional performance. This boat boasts a large sunbathing area for unparalleled comfort, T-top and sunshade to enjoy navigation in the shade, fridge to keep your drinks cool, shower to refresh yourself after a dive, and a Bluetooth stereo system to accompany your journey with the music you love. Perfect for those who desire ample space and appreciate modern lines, this rib is the perfect choice for sea adventures in style and comfort.


Our skipper-guided excursions take you to the heart of Sardinia’s marine beauty, exploring the renowned Costa Smeralda, the enchanting La Maddalena Archipelago, or the majestic Tavolara and Golfo Aranci. With expert guides at the helm, these sea adventures offer you the unique opportunity to immerse yourself in crystal-clear waters, discover secret coves and dream beaches inaccessible by land. In addition to the wonderful scenery, there’s the chance to experience magical encounters with dolphins, fascinating inhabitants of these waters.


Our taxi-boat service offers a fast, convenient, and stylish way to travel on the water. Perfect for reaching the beaches or exclusive venues of the Costa Smeralda, or simply for an elegant transfer from one point to another along the coast, our taxi-boat is the ideal solution for those seeking efficiency without sacrificing the pleasure of traveling by sea. With modern boats and experienced skippers, we guarantee a safe and enjoyable journey. Our service is customizable, perfectly adapting to your schedule and destination needs, offering you a unique and unforgettable experience on the water.